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Parish Councils have wide responsibilities, but very limited powers. Within the Council’s remit are the maintenance of an orderly structure of parish affairs, and the resolution of any new requirement or proposal. For example, a recommendation may be made to the District or County Council that a local planning proposal should be accepted or refused, but the Parish Council has no power to decide the issue. Street lighting is another matter on which recommendations may be made, but again the Parish Council cannot take direct action. Obstruction of pavements alongside roads may be reported to the highway authority for remedy if requests to the adjacent landowners prove ineffectual. Footpaths across land belong to the landowner, but still may not be obstructed, and the Parish Council may request the District Council to take action if blockages occur.

Parish Councils cannot impose rates, but again they can make recommendations. The Parish Council has control over the sum allotted to it by the District Council, and collected by the District with its own Council Tax.


Nutfield Parish Council owns the Allotments, with power to decide the number and size of plots, the rent to be charged, and the conditions of use.

The Cemetery is the property of the Parish Council, and the layout and maintenance are in its hands, as well as the granting of Exclusive Rights of Burial. The new Woodland Burial Area is at the rear of the Cemetery, offering natural burials and ashes plots for Nutfield Parishioners, ex Parishioners and also non-Parishioners.

Supporting our Community: Both sites are non-profit making and any surpluses are used to the benefit of the community.

The Council owns the woodland at the top of Mid Street on the corner of Sandy Lane, commonly known as the Triangle Wood, which was once allotments. The Pound – a small area off Nutfield High Street that once was a pre-market overnight holding area for livestock.

Council has purchased three fields at the end Scout Hut Lane, off Mid Street, totalling 14 acres by means of a Public Works Loan repayable over 25 years. The land will be re-instated into grasslands protecting this land for the future benefit and recreation of our parishioners


The Parish Council is Custodian Trustee for the South Nutfield Village Hall and the Sole Trustee of the Charles Maw Trust that owns the land adjacent to the Memorial Hall.

Parish Council Meetings

Nutfield Parish Council holds a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of each month (except August unless required) in the Nutfield Memorial Hall, High Street, Nutfield, RH1 4HE or Nutfield Village Hall, Rear Committee Room, South Nutfield RH1 4JJ. Check our Events page for dates and venue.

Our meetings have a Public Session which starts at 7.30pm (20 minutes max.) that allows parishioners to bring items of information on local issues to the Council’s attention. Meetings include County & District Councilors’ reports which gives Parishioners an opportunity to raise issues with them (10 minutes max.). Normal council business is then conducted after this session.

The Council has a number working groups to examine Council’s daily business including: planning, aviation, highways, finance, the cemetery and woodland burial area and other matters which need analysis or examination.

Agendas are available on the following links and are posted on all parish notice boards. Minutes (approved and older) are also available from the following links.

Planning Applications

Planning applications that relate to properties within the boundaries of the Nutfield Parish can be found on the Tandridge District Council website under Planning http://www.tandridge.gov.uk/planning

Comments on planning applications made by Nutfield Parish Council to TDC can be found within our Parish Meeting minutes.

Contact Us

For further information
please contact the Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer at the address:

Tim Forster – Clerk & RFO
Nutfield Parish Council
Parish Office
Nutfield Village Hall
63 Mid Street
South Nutfield
Surrey, RH1 4JJ

Telephone icon Telephone: 07494 366074

Email icon Email: parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com

Office hours:
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 3.00pm.
Please use the answer-phone to leave a message if the office is closed.