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Local Plan Regulation 19 Consultation


Nutfield Parish Council has responded to the Local Plan Regulation 19 Consultation for which the deadline is Monday 10th September 2018 at 5pm.

View our submission We encourage Parishioners to back our submission by sending an email to localplan@tandridge.gov.uk.

Further detailed information about the Local Plan is available at: www.tandridge.gov.uk.  There you will find fact sheets that provides information showing what development is planned for every ward in Tandridge.

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com

TDC Local Plan update


On 3 July the TDC Planning Policy Committee voted to approve the Draft Local Plan for a Regulation 19 consultation which will now take place between 30 July until 5pm on 10 September 2018.

This approval means that South Godstone is officially confirmed as TDC’s preferred option to build a Garden Village containing around 4,000 new houses with associated infrastructure. Construction will take place over an extended period.

TDC have stated that the Regulation 19 consultation is a technical consultation, where people have the opportunity to comment on the legal compliance and soundness of the draft plan.

Further detailed information about the Local Plan is available at: www.tandridge.gov.uk. There you will find fact sheets that provides information showing what development is planned for every ward in Tandridge.

The TDC Local Plan is a very important process. The current Consultation is for a period that ends in 2033. It gives residents the opportunity to influence how our District will look in the future.

NPC will be responding to the Regulation 19 Consultation and we would encourage Parishioners to also get involved.

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk  parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com

Open letter from Keith Jecks, Chair of the Planning Policy Committee


I want to ensure residents are aware of the work taking place to prepare for the publication of the draft Local Plan. This letter sets out the timetable for the next few weeks.

On 6 June and 7 June we are giving your councillors briefing sessions about the sites, along with infrastructure improvements in their ward, which will form part of the draft Local Plan.

I am determined to make sure all councillors are pre-briefed, so they can help answer any questions you may have when the draft Local Plan document is made public.

I have also asked the planning officers to publish the draft Local Plan document earlier than is statutorily required. This will be available for everyone to read on 21 June and in addition we are preparing fact sheets for each area to make the information for where you live easier to understand.

The process is complicated and the documents necessarily huge. By sharing information as soon as we can, our residents, the Planning Policy Committee and anyone else with an interest, will have as much time as we can give them to read and understand the plan. This next draft Local Plan represents the culmination of three years’ work.

I am a passionate defender of the Green Belt. Our beautiful district is 94% Green Belt, the highest proportion of any district in the entire country and likely to remain in the top three when our Local Plan is adopted. We know our residents feel passionate about this too.

We have held three consultations about the Local Plan. We have listened to what you have said and have shaped the plan accordingly. The total number of new homes this district can accommodate is likely to be around 6,200, which is not anywhere close to the current need of 9,400 homes or indeed the government’s need calculation of 12,900. It is very likely we will be challenged about our much lower figure during the inspection process, by the government and by developers.

In preparing the draft Local Plan, excluding the potential sites for the Garden Community sites, we have had to look at 114 sites put forward by landowners in the Green Belt, which if all were developed would provide 30,759 homes.

Having carefully considered all the evidence, apart from the proposed Garden Community, we will only be proposing 14 of these sites which would allow the development of 893 homes on Green Belt sites and only when they can deliver a clear community benefit.

We can’t continue to rely on development of brownfield sites or within our existing towns to meet the overall housing need targets. We need to find the right balance. The proposed Garden Community will lead to the development of around 4,000 homes built over three decades, with associated infrastructure.

At this stage based on the evidence, the draft Local Plan will recommend the Garden Community is located in South Godstone. Once the Local Plan is adopted, the Council, working very closely with the local community, will draw up a Masterplan.

We have to prepare a Local Plan. Not just by law, but because we need a long term plan (20 years in this case). We have an ageing population and homes which cost so much our young people have no option, but to move out of the area. We need to provide for future generations. We need them to keep this district vibrant, thriving and economically successful.

This is our opportunity to provide more affordable homes for local families and create local well paid jobs which will help our young people get on the property ladder. This is also very much about new roads, healthcare facilities and schools to support existing and future generations. Our strategy for the Local Plan is the best approach we have been able to identify which will deliver infrastructure to a higher standard.

For the majority of our residents the Local Plan will deliver benefits and it will be good news. For those who will be most affected, I am committed to working with you to do everything we can to minimise the impact.

Please get involved and read the documents when they are released. This Local Plan marks a significant step forward in ensuring the viability and sustainability of the district.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Keith Jecks
Chair of the Planning Policy Committee

Redhill Aerodrome – News is, There is No News


Members of Nutfield Parish Council were disappointed to read a report by the Surrey Mirror concerning the TDC Local Plan ‘new settlement’ consultation.

As far as Nutfield Parish Council is aware, there is no joint plan between Tandridge and Reigate & Banstead Councils to build houses at Redhill Aerodrome.

The Council feels that local residents should be cautious about the many comments now circulating on social media about the Redhill Aerodrome site.

If necessary, people should go directly to either Tandridge District Council or Reigate & Banstead Borough Council to obtain information and news. In addition, information can be sourced from local groups such as the Nutfield Conservation Society or Keep Redhill Aerodrome Green (KRAG).

NPC News Release Redhill Aerodrome No news today 07.12.17 (230Kbs Pdf)

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com

Local groups reports in response to consultation

[NEWS UPDATES 13.10.17]

Local groups response to the Local Plan Garden Village Consultation:

Nutfield Conservation Society Response Garden Village Consultation 08.10.17 (2Mbs Pdf)
Royal Haskoning DHV Highways/Transportation Report 09.10.17 (425Kbs Pdf)

KRAG Response Garden Village Consultation 09.10.17 (4.2Mbs Pdf)

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com

NPC response to consultation


Nutfield Parish Council’s formal response to the Local Plan Garden Village Consultation:

Nutfield PC response to Garden Village Consultation 06.10.2017 (540Kbs Pdf)

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com

NPC Gets Involved


Photo of NPC meetingThursday 21st September was a busy day for Nutfield Parish Council (NPC) as they held two separate meetings regarding the proposal to develop Redhill Aerodrome into a Garden Village of some 8,000 houses.

In the morning they met with about 25 of the businesses that currently operate from the existing facilities at the Aerodrome. This innovative initiative is the first time that the Parish Council has had direct contact with the businesses that are based in their Parish.

Chairman John Johnson said:
“As a Parish Council we are mindful of the fact we should represent the businesses based within the Parish as well as the residents. This meeting is the first step in that process.”
“The proposed development will force all of the existing business activities at Redhill Aerodrome to either close or move,” NPC Chairman John Johnson added.
“This represents a loss of some 450 existing jobs which is completely unacceptable and this fact appears to be currently totally disregarded by the promoters of this scheme. We sincerely hope the Tandridge District Council will acknowledge this fact and act accordingly.”

Photo of NPC meeting

Later that evening NPC hosted a meeting that was attended by over 200 parishioners. An audio visual presentation was made by Councillor Stephen Hall which was followed by a question and answer section which was fielded by NPC Vice Chairman Paul Murray. Murray has nearly 25 years of experience in planning matters relating to Redhill Aerodrome.

The meeting aimed to provide residents with a greater understanding of the Tandridge Consultation process and encourage people to become directly involved and express their views. NPC have a long established position of opposing inappropriate development within the Green Belt.

Chairman Johnson said:
“It’s been a busy but very successful day. I believe we have been able to help both the businesses and our parishioners to better understand the Garden Village Consultation process. Greater input from Nutfield residents and businesses should, we hope, encourage Tandridge District Council to understand why we are so opposed to the proposal at Redhill Aerodrome, which will not only destroy a huge part of the Green Belt but also many successful businesses some of which have operated successfully from there for years.”

NPC News Release Redhill Aerodrome 25.09.17.pdf (190Kbs)
NPC PublicMeeting Presention 21.09.17.pdf (2.8Mbs)

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com

NPC Public Meeting 21st September


Nutfield Parish Council is holding a Public Meeting to provide further information regarding the proposal to build 8000 Houses at Redhill Aerodrome.

We consider it very important that residents get involved in this Garden Village Public Consultation process and make their views known to Tandridge District Council.

Thursday 21st September 2017 at 8pm in the Nutfield Village Hall, Mid Street, South Nutfield.

You are welcome to come and discover more about how this proposal could affect our Parish.

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com

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