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The land was originally named Pimlico Hill and the four-and-a-half-acre site was acquired by the newly formed Parish Council in 1896 from The Fullers Earth Union at a cost of £230 per acre. The costs were to be covered by a loan which Mr Charles Trentham Maw of Holmesdale kindly agreed to make to the Council; £ 2,000 at 3% interest and repayable over 30 years. (Maws baby products millionaire with 16 children!) He also financed two chapels to be erected; one Anglican, one Non-Conformist, constructed by Tom Bashford, a South Nutfield builder. The latter was seldom used and converted to a Mortuary in 1933. Both were demolished as they were in a state of disrepair in April 1962. You can still see the mounds in the cemetery where they were sited. The first burial recorded in the Register of Burials took place on 1st May 1899, a Mr James Maynard – Labourer age 71, who lived in Mid Street, South Nutfield. Many ledgers have been recorded since then and even today they are written into ledgers but also into computer records and stored safely.

View of Woodland
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View of Cemetery

The Cemetery is situated in a private tranquil area of Nutfield, and is close to the town of Redhill in Surrey.

Within this space we have both our traditional cemetery offering a beautiful resting place for yourself or your loved ones.  We also offer a Woodland and Meadow Burial area to the north end of the cemetery.  Here you can choose to be buried in our woodland or the meadow land for a very peaceful and natural resting place.

We offer full interment or the interment of ashes following a cremation.

Reservations can be made together, ensuring that family members are buried in adjacent plots.

The price, when paid will reserve the chosen plot for 99 years.  A formal numbered Certified Receipt will be provided to prove the right of interment.


The Cemetery grounds are full of mature trees and shrubs and we are particularly proud of the fine ornamental Yew trees that are a prominent feature in the cemetery. The area is regularly maintained by local contractors with a number of benches on which you can take a rest and take in the scenery.

The traditional cemetery allows both full burial and ashes interments in a more formal setting.  You may place full headstones in this part of the cemetery, full details can be found here (Memorial Permit Form). More than one burial can take place in a traditional cemetery plot – more information can be found on this in our rules and regulations.

Headstones in Cemetery


Trees in Woodland area

Nutfield Woodland and Meadow Burial is set in a natural woodland and meadow in the cemetery and offers a very attractive alternative to a traditional burial. The area is planted with native trees and surrounded by established hedgerows.  There are paths through the woods which provide a peaceful place for a reflective stroll. Seasonal wildflowers are present which complement the mature native species trees.  Our management scheme will ensure that the Woodland Burial area will mature into a nature reserve and sanctuary for wildlife.

The site allows both full burial and ashes interments in an undisturbed final resting place, with an area reserved for current parishioners of Nutfield parish. Only 100% biodegradable materials can be used for the coffin/casket.  To maintain the natural woodland aspect, we only allow a single tablet type of headstone that can lie flat. Only one interment per plot is allowed within the woodland site, but you can purchase plots side by side.


There are two Churches within the Parish, St. Peter & St. Paul in Nutfield and Christ Church in South Nutfield, where services can be arranged.


Choosing the final resting place that is right for family or indeed yourself is naturally very important.  If you are thinking of choosing either our traditional cemetery or our natural burial ground, we encourage you to make an appointment for a walk around with a member of staff, to see for yourself exactly what it looks and feel like.


The Council is happy to assist people in tracing friends or relatives for a fee.


A table of fees and regulations (and other forms) for both the Cemetery and Woodland Burial area can be viewed from the links at the bottom of the page.   There are reduced rates for current parishioners and this detail can be found in the fees and regulations table.

We do not offer the services provided by a Funeral Director but can give you details of local companies.

Owned by Nutfield Parish Council, the facility is non-profit making, with any surpluses used to the benefit of the community of Nutfield Parish.

Benches – There is also the opportunity to have bench plaques added to NPC owned benches for a fee.  More information can be found below within the Bench Policy document.


The Cemetery is open to the public from 9.00am until dusk 7 days a week (including Bank Holidays). Limited parking is available outside the main entrance but access for disabled vehicles can be arranged by prior arrangement.

Documents and Links

A Table of Fees and Regulations for the Cemetery and Woodland Burial Area can be viewed or, in the case of PDFs, downloaded from these links:

All funds go directly to the Parish of Nutfield and are used for projects and for the benefit of the parishioners.

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The cemetery is located on the A25 Redhill to Godstone road to the west of Nutfield village and is off a parking area lay-by on the north side of the A25. You will see the fine iron gates at the centre of the parking area. It is owned and managed by Nutfield Parish Council Burial Board. It is easily accessible from Kent, Sussex and South London.

From the M25 travelling East (towards Dartford) Exit M25 at Junction 8 – Follow the signs to Reigate and then Redhill.  Upon entering Redhill town follow the signs for A25 towards Godstone, passing under the railway bridge as you exit Redhill town centre.   Take the A25 towards Godstone and Nutfield Cemetery and Woodland Burial is on the left after 2 miles. Parking is in the layby.

From the M25 travelling West (towards Heathrow) exit M25 at junction 6 – Follow the signs towards your left marked the A25 to Redhill and Reigate.  Stay on the A25 through the villages of Godstone, Bletchingley and Nutfield, about 4 miles.  After passing through Nutfield the Nutfield Cemetery and Woodland Burial is on the right after 500 meters.  Parking is in the layby.

Satnav postcode: RH1 4HA

Map to the Cemetery and Woodland Burial Area


Updated 21st April 2020

Due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Nutfield Burial Board have put in place the following temporary measures for Nutfield Cemetery which are to be adhered to at all times until otherwise stated in order for the cemetery to run and for the NPC staff to remain safe. View the Nutfield Cemetery Temporary Measures.

Please also find the Nutfield Burial Board Disclaimer that will be used for each funeral. Please note, these are subject to change at any time.