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South Nutfield Recreation Ground

Situated off Mid Street, South Nutfield


1934, 9th October. Mrs Saley proposed that the Council take the necessary steps to secure land for a Recreation Ground for South Nutfield. Carried. Parish meeting to be called on 7 th November for a public meeting.

1945, 11 th June. Agreed that Godstone RDC be asked to consider buying a part of the Brays Estate as a playing field.

Since that time the field has been used as a Recreation Field under the authority of Tandridge District Council for the benefit off the whole Parish.

There is a children’s playground sited there and a hard court for ball games. Nutfield Football Club also make use of the field for youth football.

The Memorial Field

Formerly known as the Vintage Field, situated off the High Street, Nutfield behind the Memorial Hall

Image of Memorial Field


In the Parish Council minute of 14th February 1905, it reads: “Recreation Ground. Mr. Maw stated to the council that under his late father’s will the Vintage Field was left for a recreation ground for the use of the people of the parish.” (There is a double meaning here. The land, though commonly called vintage was in the eastern portion of Blacklands (ed. now demolished). The name vintage was properly Vinage, from the medieval Vinagium, but this was in fact a field some distance eastwards) 1905, 11 th July A letter was read from Messrs Satchell & Chapple. Mr Tidey proposed and Mr Dixon seconded: ” That the Parish Council accept the Trust of the Vintage Field as a recreation ground for the Parish under the terms or the will of the late Charles Maw Esq.”

Proposed Mr Tidey and seconded by Mr Edwards “That the sum of £17 10s for Estate Duty and the sum of £22 10s 6d for Succession Duty be paid forthwith” Carried unanimously.

1905, 12th Sept. Vintage Field. The deeds of this property were handed over to the Council by C.T.Maw Esq. and the Clerk requested to deposit them with the London & County Bank, Redhill.

So that is how the Parish Council became Custodian Trustees to the Vintage Field, now known as the Memorial Field, we think re-named at the time of the unveiling of the War Memorial, adjoining the site, on 20th March 1921 by Brigadier-General Cockerill, M.P.

The laying out and planting of the field was paid for by C. T. Maw Esq. who kindly donated the sum of £110 for this purpose. Past use since the 1920’s has been as a cricket field used by Nutfield Cricket Club for many years and since 1932 as a football field for Nutfield Rangers Football Club.

The woods at the rear of the site that slope down to Gore Meadow are also maintained within the Trust by the Parish Council

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