Nutfield Parish Council have been monitoring the situation relating to this proposed development since before the intentions of the landowners became clear. This has included taking opinions from parishioners, background research, and discussions with Surrey County Council .

For the Parish Council to comment before the plans have been published, or to make a public statement either for or against the development would be ‘predetermination’ which would rule out any comments from Nutfield Parish Council (NPC). Predetermination is when a legal body (The Parish Council) makes a decision for or against a planning application before the plans are published and the window for comments opened.

Of course, until now, there has been no substantive ‘plan’ to respond to. We can now formulate a plan, starting with the discussion that took place at last night’s Parish Council meeting. Doubtless, NPC will continue to communicate with the Parish on this issue, just as we have done with other significant development proposals e.g. Nutfield Garden Village and the King’s Cross Lane ‘affordable housing’ development in recent years.

We understand that this will be an emotive and difficult journey (even without the COVID 19 restrictions on Public Meetings) but we will endeavour to create a communications strategy that involves you all and brings the Parish together to achieve the right conclusion.

Please be patient, this will be a long and hard path that requires careful consideration and a professional and united response.

Any questions please email