Nutfield Green Park

Nutfield Parish Council will keep everyone up to date on developments through this website page as and when detail comes through.


  • Nutfield Green Park/Jennings Nicholson Associates Meeting 21st July 2021 (6.30pm @ Nutfield Village Hall) – meeting notes can be found here
  • 29th July 2021 – Nutfield Parish Council fully agree to object to planning application 2021/1040 – Nutfield Green Park. We are gathering further technical information to finalise our submission for the new August deadline.
    If anyone has any technical (flooding, traffic, drainage, waste, etc) expertise and is willing to help us, please contact the clerk on
  • 30th July 2021 – update from Surrey County Council – ‘A new roundabout has been proposed on Nutfield Road in the location stated in your email to provide access to a new mixed use development on Nutfield Green Park, The Former Laporte Works, planning application number TA/21/1040, with details available on the Tandridge District Council website. The planning application is still under consideration and no decision has yet  been made by Tandridge District Council.  The Highway Authority are currently assessing the proposal for the roundabout and have not yet concluded whether this is a suitable means of providing access to the proposed development.’
  • Documents sent to NPC from  Jennings Nich0lson Associates including Appendix ES 9.1 Transport Assessment, Appendix ES 9.3 Construction Traffic Management Plan Framework and ES 9.4 Travel Plan Framework
  • Georgina Betts (Principal Planning Officer) from Tandridge District Council planning department attended the parish council meeting on the`11th August.  Questions were asked and the Q & A responses can be found here.
  • Please find link for the objection for planning application 2021/1040 from Nutfield Parish Council as a Statutory body
  • Please find link for the objection for planning application 2021/1040 from Nutfield Parish Council and Charles Maw Trust as land owners (cemetery and memorial hall field)
  • 13th September – Email  response NPC received from  Eleanor Nicholson – Managing Partner from Jennings Nicholson Associates “We understand that an open meeting for members of the Parish was held with Georgina Betts from Tandridge District Council on 11 August 2021. We have now had an opportunity to review the minutes that have been uploaded onto the Parish Council website and wish to provide clarification on a few points that were presented at the meeting. We draw to your attention that the minutes provide some statements which are inconsistent with the application documents for Nutfield Green Park.The Nutfield Green Park site currently comprises privately owned land which is crossed by rights of way. As part of the proposals the rights of way that currently cross the site will be retained albeit may be necessary for temporary diversions during the construction works for health and safety reasons. It is proposed that the outdoor activity park will be a pay as you go facility. It will not be subject to a membership fee and can be used on an ad hoc basis. There are no proposals for motorised vehicular access to the development via Park Works Road presented in the application. This access point is shown on the Illustrative Masterplan as an emergency access and cycle link only. The traffic assessment for the proposed development has been undertaken based on two vehicular accesses to the site which comprise the main access from the A25 and the access to Church Meadow from Nutfield Marsh Road. A response to the issues raised in the Parish Council’s submission to Tandridge District Council’s consultation should be included in their officers report, which we understand will be available at the end of this week.  If we consider any further responses or clarification are necessary, Nutfield Green Park Developments Limited will respond to these matters directly to Tandridge District Council.”
  • Cllr Dadswell will be the NPC spokesperson at the Planning Committee Meeting taking place on the 2oth September 2021 @7.30pm.
  • Planning Committee Meeting (20th September 2021 @7.30pm)  information can be found here including the Report.
  • 20th September 2021 – Please find link to an addendum that has been published today in respect of this evening’s Planning Committee meeting.
  • 20th September 2021 – Cllr Dadswell will attend tonight’s meeting to read out statement on behalf of NPC.
  • Please find attached the site notice that informs the Public of  TDC’s decision.  This site notice will be placed where the planning application notices were in order to advise the public of the decision as required under the 2017 EIA regulations.