1. Introduction

  1. Nutfield Parish Council has a scheme for providing civic awards for members of the community who have made their mark on Nutfield. This could be someone who has worked selflessly for others in our community or someone who has brought credit to the town/village.

2. Categories of award

  1. Nutfield Parish Council invites you to nominate anyone who you feel deserves to be recognised for their contributions. They can be an adult (over 18), a young person (under 18) or a community group. The awards will be presented in an awards ceremony (no fixed event or date) to which everyone is invited to thank these unsung heroes who make a real difference. The date of the next awards ceremony will be publicised.

3. Nomination process

  1. Members of the public can nominate someone for a civic award by completing a nomination form or emailing or writing to the council stating why they think they should receive an award.
  2. Each financial year will have a dedicated date for the nominations to be sent in by, and an event where the awards will be given out. Nutfield Parish Councillors will consider nominees at a dedicated parish council meeting (via email voting process) for that year, and decide who is the winner (by vote if more than one nomination) and will try to ensure there is a community event to present the recipients with the Award/ Certificate.
  3. The voting process for the winner for councillors will be via an online/email method, so that all councillors are able to vote. Should a serving councillor be nominated, that councillor will be excluded from their own vote (by excluding them on their vote form).
  4. The result of the community award will be withheld from meeting minutes until the award(s) have been presented.

Date adopted: 2nd February 2022