During the next couple of months, TDC are delivering a new wheeled rubbish bin to every household in the district. Once your new bin has been delivered, it can be used straightaway.

To find out which week your new wheeled rubbish bin will be delivered, visit www.tandridge.gov.uk/newbins and enter your postcode.

This change will mean residents’ rubbish will be secured safely and there will be less opportunity for bin bags being ripped open by wildlife and spoiling the neighbourhood.

If you have asked TDC to collect your old bin, it will be collected when your new bin is delivered. Please leave them at the edge of your property in the week your new bin is being delivered.

As soon as your new bin is delivered:

  • TDC will only collect your rubbish from this bin, please don’t use any other bin.
  • Put your bin at the edge of your property by 6am on your rubbish collection day.
  • The bin lid must be closed, so it can be lifted safely into the vehicle.
  • Excess rubbish on top of or down by the side of the bin will not be collected. The exception will be after Christmas and Easter when bagged rubbish beside the bin will be collected on the first rubbish collection after the bank holiday.
  • Put your rubbish in bags before putting it in the bin. This will keep the bin cleaner.
  • Write your house name or number on the white panel on the front of the bin, but please don’t cover the Council’s logo.

Green bin bags

TDC will be delivering a year’s supply of council bin bags to households which don’t have room for the new rubbish bin, or have access issues. Up to five of these bin bags will be collected each fortnight, but don’t put broken glass or sharp objects in them and please keep them away from babies and children.

To check when either your new wheeled bin or your green bin bags will be delivered, visit www.tandridge.gov.uk/newbins. To be kept up to date with our recycling and waste service, register at www.tandridge.gov.uk/signup.