Woodland Burial Fees

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  Non-Parishioner Parishioner
Purchase of Woodland Burial Plot – Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial
Burial Plot £2,277 £683
Ashes Plot £1,366 £410
Extension to Exclusive Right of Burial (50 years) £683 £205
Extension to Exclusive Right of Ashes (50 years) £342 £102
Adult Burial £1,708 £512
Child (up to age 18) £0 £0
Ashes £854 £256
Memorial (fee includes supply and installation)
Tablet £542 £542
Other Fees
Exclusive Right of Burial Transfer Fee (used only) * £114 £114
Burial Search Fee
Exhumation Fee POA POA
Bench Memorial Plaque
10-year lease £290 £290
Additional inscription £116 £116
10-year renewal lease £174 £174
Oversized Coffin Area
Burial Plot POA POA
Interment POA POA
Memorial/Kerbing POA POA

A Parishioner is defined as an inhabitant whose primary residence is within the defined Nutfield Parish. A stillborn child will qualify if one parent fulfils the definition shown above.

A 7 Year Parishioner is defined as a person who is no longer living in the parish but was born or whose primary residence was within the defined Nutfield Parish within the last 7 years. On proof of residency (e.g. council tax, bank statement, electoral roll) a 30% deduction will be applied to the Non-Parishioner Purchase of Plot and Interment fees.

A burial plot will hold one full burial interment.

An ashes plot will hold one ashes interment.

Reserving any plot (burial or ashes) can be purchased in advance at the rates applicable at the time of the transaction. This is designed to help with future planning and allows Nutfield Parishioners to obtain the advantage of the discounted parishioner rate.

Note – Interment costs do not include the cost of digging/grave preparation.

Oversized Coffin Area – There are 3 dedicated areas for coffins/caskets that are larger than our permitted size, one of which is located in the woodland burial meadow. Prices will be charged per square metre for plots and interments. Any coffins/caskets over the permitted size will only be able to be interred in these 3 areas as of 1st April 2023. Coffins/Caskets within our normal sizes will only be permitted to be interred in the standard areas.
Pre-purchases are not permitted in this section.

*ERoB Transfer fee applies to used plots ONLY. Transferring an un-used grave is subject to Burial Board approval and will incur additional costs.

Updated – April 2023