Response to the Jubilee Fields Survey indicated that many parishioners were not aware of the role and responsibilities of the Parish Council. There are many areas the Parish Council is responsible for, but they have very few powers. Nutfield parish Council has the following responsibilities: –

  • Provision and maintenance of the children’s play area at the Memorial Hall, the Basketball Court in the Recreation Ground and the Jubilee Fields
  • Provision and maintenance of Nutfield cemetery and maintenance of closed churchyards
  • Provision and maintenance of a number of public seats and the war memorial

Nutfield Parish Council provides the following, subject to the consent of Surrey County Council

  • Bus shelters

Nutfield Parish council must be consulted by the district or county council on:

  • All planning applications in their parish
  • Proposals to carry out sewerage works
  • Footpath and bridleway (more generally, ‘rights of way’) surveys

We also exercise the following powers:

  • Providing grants to local voluntary organisations
  • Sponsoring public events
  • Funding crime prevention measures
  • Cleaning and drainage of watercourses and ditches
  • Guardianship of common land
  • Appointing trustees of local charities

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