On 3 July the TDC Planning Policy Committee voted to approve the Draft Local Plan for a Regulation 19 consultation which will now take place between 30 July until 5pm on 10 September 2018.

This approval means that South Godstone is officially confirmed as TDC’s preferred option to build a Garden Village containing around 4,000 new houses with associated infrastructure. Construction will take place over an extended period.

TDC have stated that the Regulation 19 consultation is a technical consultation, where people have the opportunity to comment on the legal compliance and soundness of the draft plan.

Further detailed information about the Local Plan is available at: www.tandridge.gov.uk. There you will find fact sheets that provides information showing what development is planned for every ward in Tandridge.

The TDC Local Plan is a very important process. The current Consultation is for a period that ends in 2033. It gives residents the opportunity to influence how our District will look in the future.

NPC will be responding to the Regulation 19 Consultation and we would encourage Parishioners to also get involved.

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk Nicky Chiswick parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com