This location is  NOT open to THE PUBLIC.

TRESPASSERS or anyone wishing to cause anti social behaviour will be reported to Police.

AQUASPORTS is a business and anyone wishing to take part in the WATERSPORTS Activities must book with AQUASPORTS and receive proper training.

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Quarry Water is Stone Cold and Can kill – Stay Safe Stay Out

A quarry lake can be very cold even on a hot summer’s day – you could die from ‘Cold Shock’ in less than 2 minutes.

Cold shock can cause you to gasp and drown immediately or can lead to hypothermia, making it very hard to breath.

Assuming you survive the cold shock, the drop in temperature causes finger stiffness (making it difficult to climb out), reduced coordination (making it difficult to swim/tread water) and general muscle weakness. It is impossible to help yourself.

If cold shock and the reduced physical capabilities don’t result in drowning, hypothermia may kill you.

Water in active and disused quarries can be dangerous.

  • Deep water may contain hidden currents or submerged plants which can drag you under
  • Submerged abandoned machinery and rocks which you can injure yourself on if jumping in
  • Underwater ledges/recesses where you can become trapped
  • Dead animals/excrement cause disease
  • Pollution/rubbish causing eye and skin irritations, stomach problems, fungal infections and rashes
  • Poisonous/toxic algae

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