Surrey Coalition of Disabled People and the Tech to Community Connect project.

They are an NHS backed project in East Surrey and Surrey Downs who are seeking to provide advice, support and where necessary computer equipment with remote WiFi to vulnerable people in our community. Through this they will be able to access video communication, online services, including GP services, and much more

They are currently recruiting volunteers who can spare just a few hours a week to help us achieve our goal of providing and support in using technology to reduce of loneliness and isolation in people with caring responsibility or those with a disability in Surrey. They have an established volunteer program with monthly training, team rewards and regular updates and online meetings.

Looking for ‘Tech Angels’ –  anyone who can use a mobile phone or tablet with confidence who can instil that confidence in someone who is struggling. They don’t need experts , but just need people who can understand and communicate their skills to someone else and want to help improve someone’s life.

If you/they are not sure you can take that on straight away then consider we are also looking for volunteers to undertake other tasks such as creating posters, advertising our project, covering social media posts and recruiting more volunteers!  Contact details  below.Tech Angel details