At the recent Parish Assembly, Simon Evans (Crime Reduction Officer from Surrey Police) gave the attendees an idea of how to protect their property.

Surrey Police have 25 crime prevention security packs allocated to Nutfield. Victims of crime can obtain a kit and if you have vulnerable property such as sheds or garages these kits are ideal.

The total value of the equipment is £600 but they are available free to Nutfield residents – ideally to those that have been a victim of crime to use as a future deterrent.

If you are interested in obtaining a kit, please email the Parish Clerk ( with your details.

It is our intention to hold a Crime Prevention evening where Lorraine Wells the PCSO and Simon Evans will present on Scam Awareness and Crime Prevention soon.

Safer streets – The kit:

A Bronze rated hasp and clasp (lock for outbuilding door)
A simple contact alarm and sticker.
A Pragmassis “Shed Shackle”.
A 4.5metre metal cable and padlock.
An UWatch Cube camera for outbuildings.
Selecta DNA marking kit.