Now that the CAA has completed its report on Route 4 and approved the route subject to further work by Gatwick, the airspace change process begun back in 2012 has been completed. However, we at Plane Wrong are well aware that many people are still suffering more from Route 3 or Route 4 than they used to before the changes that happened in 2014. And in some cases from both routes.

The CAA may have closed their files but we most definitely haven’t! Our next step is to review the remaining issues and for this we need your help. We want to update our understanding of the impacts of Routes 3 and 4 by asking you. Please complete our brief survey as soon as possible and no later than 18 June.

Once we have analysed the responses, we will revise our strategy and pursue it through the Noise Management Board and any other avenues that are available.

Thanks for your help,
Mike Ward, Chair