As part of our ongoing efforts to improve relationships with local agencies the Parish Council met with Inspector Karen Hughes, Borough Commander Tandridge, Surrey Police.

Insp. Hughes gave councillors’ an overview of actions being taken by Surrey Police across Tandridge to combat Anti-Social behaviour.

Several areas of Tandridge have seen an influx of youths from outside the local areas, whose sole purpose appears to be disrupting local life. This together with other instances of Anti-Social behaviour have led to Surrey Police making taking this type of behaviour a priority.

In some instances they have issued a ‘Dispersal Order’ to reduce the risk of such behaviour. The order, implemented in a specific area and for a determined period, allows officers to request persons to leave an area and not return. Failure to do so makes the persons liable to arrest and detention.

Their other actions include: –

  • Having a patrol car dedicated to target Anti-Social behaviour in Tandridge.
  • Increasing the Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood team to 9 Police officers in addition to the 15 PCSO establishment.
  • Obtaining £400,000 funding from the Governments Safer Streets Campaign to improve crime prevention measures, including CCTV, across Tandridge District.
  • Councillors discussed local issues with Insp. Hughes and were reassured by the response we received.

Local issues were discussed with Insp Hughes at length, and she explained the processes required for actions to be taken. Insp. Hughes did stress that all reports to the police are recorded and build up a picture of what is happening in certain areas. It may not be instant reaction from the Police, but continued reporting will enable action to be planned and implemented. Without the reports from Nutfield the thin blue line of police resources will be targeted elsewhere. All reports are collated and produce the intelligence jigsaw. Even if reports are referred to other agencies i.e. TDC or RSPCA, a record is still with the Police. It you feel it affects you or others in Nutfield, then it is worth reporting.

Councillors now feel efforts are being made to improve the situation in the Nutfield area.

Previously Insp. Hughes had asked the Easy Surrey Division Crime Reduction Advisor to contact the council to advise on matters of security in various locations. Several meetings have been held and useful actions suggested, many of which will be implemented.

We also spoke with the new Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey Lisa Townsend. She reassured us that matters were being handled by the Police and she was very aware of our situation.