Over the last four years the Parish Council have altered the way that improvements in the Cemetery are funded. With many trees present and the frequent number of visitors it has become a Health & Safety risk identified in a recent assessment. Fortunately, the cemetery is popular with residents and others from outside the parish as it presents a tranquil place of rest for loved ones. This popularity has allowed our reassessment of funding the improvements and the general finances. The budget for income of the cemetery has been exceed for four continuous years allowing salary and improvements to be directly funded making it cost positive overall.

The Cemetery elicits many responses from visitors. Most are complimentary on the improvements made and the appearance of the cemetery. One recent comment was from a family researching their family tree. They said it was the best kept cemetery they had found so far, even if they were in the wrong cemetery!

If you are interested in purchasing a plot, there is a generous discount for Nutfield Parish residents not seen at any other cemetery’s, please contact the Assistant Clerk on assistantclerk@nutfieldpc.com or 07722465344.