NPC have approved a precept increase of 8.1% for 2017/18 following several years of negligible increases. In real terms, for a Band D householder in Nutfield Parish, the effect of the NPC precept increase will be an additional £2.98 a year or £0.06 on a weekly basis.

Our reasons for increasing the precept are based around the need to deal with the following issues (not exhaustive):

  • A projected significant decline in general reserves.
  • The unpredictability of additional income – cemetery and woodland burial fees fluctuate.
  • To carry out repairs and maintenance of current assets.
  • Our desire to maintain the same overall spending budget.

In the forthcoming year, we are reducing earmarked reserves (funds allocated to specific items) from £19,950 to £11,700 and are in the process of reviewing allotment fees, as well as the cemetery and woodland burial charges.

The Council strongly believes the Parish must establish a more certain financial footing to help NPC meet its statutory role, ongoing financial obligations and support the local community in years to come.