Memorials Safety Policy

Safety and Management of memorials within
Nutfield Cemetery and Nutfield Woodland Burial

Policy (for publication)

Nutfield Parish Council acknowledges its health and safety responsibilities to its employees, contractors and visitors to Nutfield Cemetery and Nutfield Woodland Burial. Reference Section 2 & 3 of the Health and Safety Work Act 1974.

  1. Members of the Public who see unsafe memorials e.g. headstones to notify Nutfield Parish Council via the Parish Clerk or Assistant Clerk, so that an inspection and appropriate action can then be taken.
  2. Nutfield Parish Council does not own any memorials. It is the owner/deed holder or successor in title of the memorial who has the responsibility to maintain the memorial,so as not to create a hazard.
  3. Nutfield Parish Council will endeavor to control risks associated with memorials in Nutfield Cemetery and Nutfield Woodland Burial.
  4. Signage (and the display of notices) within the burials grounds will be the responsibility of Nutfield Parish Council (in conjunction with its Land Working Group).


Program of inspections

  1. Nutfield Parish Council will adopt a five year rolling program regarding inspections and maintenance of memorials (‘testing’)
  2. Notification of ‘testing’ dates will be published by Nutfield Parish Council e.g. via
  3. Any test which shows a potential hazard will be notified to the Parish Clerk immediately and approval sought for action to minimize risk. The Parish Clerk will inform the owner (where practicable) of the action taken or to be taken.
  4. The Parish Clerk is to maintain records of the results of ‘testing’ and actions proposed and taken.

Nutfield Parish Council
12 December 2017