We are happy to report that the recent online survey into the future of the Jubilee Fields has been well supported and some interesting conclusions can be drawn. Of the responses, 90% were in favour of planting the trees and there has been great interest in further enhancement of this area.

As one responder indicated that they did not know where the fields are, let us first put a big Google Pin in the map. The three fields, covering 16 acres, are at the end of ‘Scout Hut Lane’, which is adjacent to 83 Mid Street. Several footpaths radiate from the entrance gate by the allotments. Turn left towards Kentwyn’s on Cooper’s Hill Road, slightly less left towards Lytell Hall (also on Cooper’s Hill Road) and right across the railway and onto King’s Cross Lane. So those are the Public Footpaths but there is also a wide expanse of fields opening away from the Jubilee Fields where residents walk dogs and or children. The wildlife in this area is richly varied. The highly endangered Heart Moth is abundant, more so than at any other location in the Country (apparently).

As well as a clear consensus for the planting of the trees, supported by the Parish Council, there is a lot of support for the creation of a wildflower meadow. This is a complex and expensive option but one which we will examine. Other suggestions include: a pet cemetery, more allotments (we have a waiting list now), a pond, nature safaris, re-wilding, accessible paths, and wildlife information boards.

It has been commented on that there was no consultation on the original purchase of the fields, so to clarify, this purchase was for the benefit of the Parish to prevent unacceptable development. Whether there was consultation then or not by our predecessors, we are keen to involve Parishioners now. Since purchase, the fields have been cut for hay by a local contractor, but this does not produce an income – it just covers costs. We have explored several options in the past: willow production and solar panels being among them. None of these were economically viable over this small area.

You will hear more about the trees before they arrive in November, as we will need help in planting! Any other plans will be published as we go along but your suggestions of a Public Meeting to discuss these issues will also be facilitated if safely possible before the planting. In the meantime, we are happy to receive further suggestions from you (please email parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com).