Even though we’re under national restrictions, you can still do some of your Christmas shopping. Why not give a gift to the planet as well as your loved ones?

Here’s eight easy ways to go green and watch your waste this festive season:

  1. Avoid buying wrapping paper and cards which are glittery, lined with foil or plastic, or have batteries as these can’t be recycled.
  2. Try making your own wrapping paper. Watch this short film for tips and ideas.
  3. Make your own crackers and fill them with non-plastic toys so they can be recycled easily.
  4. Choose a real Christmas tree. They can be taken to your local community recycling centre, or if you’re a Green Waste Club member, cut it up and put it in your brown wheeled bin for collection. .
  5. Repair or re-wear festive jumpers rather than buying new.
  6. Upcycle items you might otherwise throw away and give as gifts.
  7. Buy presents and decorations from zero waste shops.
  8. Select energy-saving LED fairy lights and put any broken fairy lights in a tied carrier bag and leave it next to your green food caddy for collection.

For more information and festive tips visit surreyep.org.uk and the Tandridge winter magazine