Don’t lose your voice –  make sure you’re registered to vote.


Residents should ensure they are registered to vote by completing and returning their Household Enquiry Form (HEF) as soon as possible.

Completing this form is essential as it helps us to ensure residents are able to vote in future elections. Each household should have received the form by e-mail or post and it is important they are checked, completed and returned.

If residents’ names are missing or if any other details need to be added or changed, they can be updated online or by amending the printed version and returning it in the post. Residents’ e-mail addresses can be added which means they will receive future correspondence by e-mail, making the process more efficient. If someone new is added to the form, they must also complete an application to register to vote. The application can be completed online at

Louise Round, Chief Executive at Tandridge District Council said: “Don’t let something as simple as not being on the register stop you from having a vote and a voice. It’s really important that everyone who is entitled to vote is able to. Once you’ve checked the form it’s easy to go online and make amendments or confirm everything is correct. You can also respond by text, telephone or by returning the form in the post.”

Anyone with any questions about the form, voting or the electoral register should visit