Every four years the Parish Council has an election where the Parish decides on the Councillors for the Parish Council.

What do councillors do? Planning, Community projects, aviation matters, cemetery involvement and community matters.  It is an engaging and you can make  a difference to Nutfield by getting involved.

The formal election will take place on the 2nd May this year if we have enough people step forward for nomination – if we have 9 people or less then no election will take place and those people will be our Parish Councillors.  Nutfield Parish Council have 9 vacancies

The nomination paperwork can be found here – https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/candidate-or-agent

Important dates:

All the dates are in the pack, but important ones to be aware of are:

Timetable – (now out-of-date as deadlines are over)

Publish Notice of election

= Friday 22nd March

Delivery of paperwork

–  from Monday 25th March to 4pm Wednesday 3rd April – you must take the paperwork in by hand, and if you wish to talk to someone about your application then you can book a meeting in with a member of Tandridge District Council during those dates to make sure your application is correct.  Call them for more assistance.

Tandridge District Council will then advise the Parish Clerk  if we have a contested or a non-contested election.

Election day is 2nd May

Any questions either contact Tandridge District Council or Parish Clerk – parishclerk@nutfieldpc.com 07494 366074