Cemetery Burial Regulations

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In these Regulations “Nutfield Burial Board (NBB)” is the operating name of Nutfield Parish Council (NPC), “Grave” means grave, grave space or burial plot and “Memorial” includes headstones, tablets, kerbing / borders etc.

In all cases of interment and erection of memorials, the following Regulations must be observed:

  1. At least 48 hours’ notice (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays) is required of an intended interment. This notice period may be reduced where NBB deems that it is lawful to do so.
  2. The hours prescribed for interments are 10.00am to 2.00pm Monday to Friday. If possible, burials outside of the stated times will be allowed by special arrangement and payment of an additional fee.
  3. All fees and charges are payable to NPC. Prior to any interment or memorial erection full payment must be confirmed to have been received by NPC.
  4. At the time of burial the Parishioner/Non-Parishioner fees will correspond to the person interred.
  5. NBB will advise prospective purchasers which plots are available.
  6. Graves shall be dug in accordance with current health & safety guidelines. The responsibility of grave digging will rest with the undertaker (where appointed) in conjunction with the NBB approved grave digger. The grave digger must ensure each grave is dug in the middle of the defined grave space. After the interment, the grave must be backfilled and left undisturbed for 12 months. All excess spoil must be placed in the designated area, otherwise a fee will be charged.
  7. Coffins in the Cemetery and Woodland Burial area should fit the body and not exceed the standard external size of 600mm (24in) wide x 1980mm (78in) long. Ashes containers should not exceed the external size of 255mm (10in) wide x 305mm (12in) long. Any coffin/casket or container in excess of the stated sizes will only be permitted to be interred in our oversized coffin/casket areas. These rules apply to new and previously purchased plots. If a previously purchased plot is unused, this may result in the plot being relocated to the oversized coffin/casket areas of the cemetery with the appropriate additional fees applied. If the burial is to go in an existing and used family plot but there is not available space around the plot to accommodate a larger coffin, a new plot will have to be purchased in the dedicated areas for oversized coffins and caskets.
  8. All memorials must have prior approval from NBB and the appropriate fees must have been paid before any erection or alteration. Memorials must be engraved with the plot number in the top right-hand corner. Memorials are only permitted for people who are interred in the plot.
  9. Bench plaques are permitted as per the bench policy available on request.
  10. Floral arrangements must be maintained by those visiting graves. Floral arrangements will be removed by cemetery staff 2 weeks after a funeral has taken place. Any floral arrangement may be removed if they become unsightly. All wrappings/ribbons/cellophane must be separated from displays prior to disposal and placed in the appropriate waste bins provided. Wreaths will be removed by cemetery staff after a period of one month. Weathered artificial flowers will be removed at the discretion of cemetery staff.
  11. No use of any pesticide/chemical (for example, but not limited to, weed killer, slug pellets) are to be used.
  12. It is not permitted to plant shrubs or trees anywhere in the Nutfield Cemetery, Woodland Burial area or Garden of Remembrance. Any unauthorised planting will be removed.
  13. Only the following items can be planted on a grave. Non-invasive perennial plants (not exceeding 40cm in height), bedding plants and spring bulbs. Patio roses are permitted if they are under 40cm in height.
  14. NBB does not permit glass/ceramic vases, jars, toys, balloons, candles, photographs, solar lights and wind chimes as these are considered inappropriate and will be removed.
  15. The erection of fences, wooden borders, railings or any type of surround is not permitted in or around graves or ashes plots. Only approved kerbing/border stones can be placed, for which an appropriate permit has been issued and fee paid. Kerbing size is not to exceed: Width 762mm, Length 1981mm & Height 152mm.
  16. The maximum size for a headstone must not exceed 915mm x 610mm. Prior approval must be obtained from NBB for any erection or alteration and the correct fee paid.
  17. The maximum size for a tablet in the Garden of Remembrance must not exceed 460mm x 310mm. Prior approval must be obtained from NBB and the appropriate fee paid.
  18. No headstone kerbing/border can be erected until a minimum 12 months has elapsed from the date of the interment.
  19. All graves will be assessed and topped-up where necessary after a minimum period of twelve months by a NBB approved grave digger.
  20. Authorisation must be obtained from NBB before any work is carried out on the plot.
  21. NBB will not be responsible for any memorial during or after erection. The owner concerned is solely responsible for the upkeep of a grave. This responsibility will include all maintenance and safety issues following installment. In default of this, NBB are entitled to remove or repair any memorial as they deem fit. Any costs will be charged to the plot owner.
  22. Graves must be utilized within the period of the lease shown on the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial. 50 year extensions are available once 49 years or more have elapsed.
  23. NBB will not generally consider any refund of fees paid unless fault is found in the NBB procedure. The final decision on the matter will be at the discretion of the NPC.
  24. A search of the NBB registers may be made by appointment with the Nutfield Parish Clerk. An appropriate charge may be levied.
  25. Any change to an existing grave must have prior approval from NBB. If applicable the appropriate fee must be paid.
  26. The Burial of Ashes is not permitted unless formally authorised in writing by NBB and the appropriate fee has been paid. Ashes cannot be scattered anywhere in Nutfield Cemetery and Woodland Burial Area. Non-Authorised interment of ashes is classed as grave tampering by NPC, which is a criminal offence and, once discovered, will result in the immediate closure of that plot for any future burials, either ashes or full burial. Proceedings will also be taken to recover the relevant fees, or failing that, the remains will be exhumed.
  27. The owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial is responsible for advising NBB of any change of address. Failure to notify us of a new address may result in any remedial work required in respect of the grave plot/memorial having to be taken without reference to the owner.
  28. Plots purchased in advance are permitted. Fees for advanced purchase will be determined by the parishioner status of the intended occupant.
  29. Transferring an un-used grave is subject to Burial Board approval.
  30. Any disputes will be determined by NPC, whose decision will be final.

Updated – April 2023