In partnership with the Tree Wardens and the Woodland Trust the council have available 400 young saplings for planting at the Jubilee Fields. To make a final decision we have instigated a ‘Survey Monkey’ so that Parishioners can provide a response and their opinions.

Nutfield Parish Council (NPC) have the opportunity to plant a range of trees within our Jubilee Fields.  The council are working with the Nutfield Tree Wardens on the full proposal.  The council have a financial loan on these fields (just over £89,000) which will be paid by 2039. This represents a considerable investment on behalf of the Parish, so we would like to get the long-term use of the land right in accordance with your wishes..

The fields are the three fields at the end of Scout Hut Lane, just near the allotments and the Scout hut.

The plan would be for the planting and initial maintenance to be a community lead programme with the Tree Wardens and NPC, but the trees will be sat under the Parish Councils care in the long term.  With this brings additional costs in the form of regular tree surveys and tree work once the trees reach a certain age, and these surveys and works are ongoing and can be costly. Please note that a recent survey at one of our sites will lead to over £12,000 of tree work.

The Parish Council want to invite the Parishioners to have their view on both the planting and the longer term costs that we will be placing on the Parish Council, and subsequently on the Council Tax Precept.

Also if the Parishioners have any other ideas for the fields longer term usage – it would be much appreciated.
Please take the time to answer our questions today. Survey runs until the  30th June 2020 at midday.

To take part in the survey which is anonymous please click through to here (or contact the Parish Clerk for other ways to comment. 

Survey is open until midday on the 30th June 2020.