Cemetery & WBA Benches Policy

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Historically, benches have been installed in Nutfield Cemetery, Garden of Remembrance and the Woodland Burial by Nutfield Burial Board (NBB), and families who own grave spaces (with the prior approval of the Burial Board). These benches will remain in the cemetery until they become unsafe. Note – when the age of a bench exceeds 10 years, the Burial Board reserves the right to assume ownership of the bench. They will then be removed and no option for replacement will occur.

Bench Policy

NBB are now able to offer ‘memorial plaques’ on Cemetery owned benches:

  1. Each plaque will be 150 by x 50mm with a maximum of four lines (35 characters per line (including spaces)).
  2. Cost will be £250 for a lease period of 10 years with a reduced renewal price after the 10 years.
  3. The NBB bench form must be completed and sent to assistantclerk@nutfieldpc.com for approval along with payment. Agreement to what bench the memorial will be placed on will take place at this point.
  4. NBB order and place the plaque once form and payment has been completed/approved and made.
  5. You do not have to have an interment at the cemetery in order to place a plaque.
  6. The decision of NBB is final.

We currently have the following benches that are available for plaques:

  • GOR – 1 bench
  • Woodland Burial Meadow Area – 1 bench
  • Area C of cemetery – 1 bench


£250 for 10 year lease of plaque
After 10 years, renewal £150


The Burial Board’s prior written approval must be obtained for any proposed plaque. Any plaque which has not been approved will be removed.

Last updated 1st February 2020